Dental sealants are an easy and quick way to prevent cavities

Patent having sealant treatment

Congratulations! You and your family members keep regular visits to our office in Marysville, Washington, as directed by Creo Dentistry’s dentist, Dr. Dan Hwang. When you’re at home, you are consistent and diligent in caring for your teeth, gums, and the rest of your mouth. But we also recognize that sometimes even the most conscientious among us need a little “help” in the form of professional, preventive services, like dental sealants.

The challenge: Decay-prone back teeth

Yes, some teeth are more vulnerable to damage than others. The teeth at the very back of our mouths can be hard to clean. Additionally, they have uneven, rough, pitted, and grooved surfaces. These surfaces tend to trap bits of food. Lingering food and harmful bacteria are a destructive combination; they promote the development of plaque. Built-up plaque releases toxins that break down the supportive tissues (gums), and acidic byproducts also break down the hard tissues (teeth). Damage can often present as holes in the tooth (cavities).

The “helper”: Dental sealants

Since sealants are used to protect back teeth, Dr. Hwang may recommend that they be placed as soon as the first permanent molars are visible. Usually, the first back teeth break through the gums around the age of 6. He can recommend and place sealants during the routine checkup. The process of placing sealants is fast, painless, non-invasive, and straightforward:

  • Teeth are cleaned and dried.
  • A conditioning liquid is applied to the molars, which helps to bond the sealant material to the natural tooth.
  • Dr. Hwang applies the sealant as a liquid to the grooved surfaces.
  • The liquid is hardened and the tooth is effectively “sealed” using a specialized, blue activating light.

Once the sealant is applied, it literally “seals out” the food particles and bacteria. During regular checkups, Dr. Hwang will examine the sealants to assure they are in good shape. These cavity-fighters are also not “just” for children. As patients get older, they may encounter challenges to their health for the first time. Sealants present one of many preventive services available at our Marysville, WA office to address changing needs. Before toothaches and other troubles arise, call us at (360) 502-7217 to schedule your appointment.