Single Tooth Replacement

When you’re missing a single tooth, you have options for replacing it. At our dental clinic in Marysville, Washington, our dentist’s preferred method of teeth replacement is dental implants. Below, we will explain to you why tooth implants are the best solution for missing teeth.

Are You Missing a Tooth?

The patients we see in our dentist office have missing teeth for a number of reasons. People may assume those with missing teeth have poor dental hygiene or don’t visit a dentist regularly, but this is not always the case. Patients could be missing teeth due to an accident, a genetic condition or because their tooth cracked.

Regardless of why you are missing a tooth, you do not want to go too long without a replacement tooth. If you wait to replace your tooth, your other teeth may begin to drift into the unoccupied space. If this happens, you may need orthodontics such as Invisalign to return your teeth to their natural positions before our dentist begins the dental implant process.

Another reason you don’t want to wait too long to get a replacement tooth is because once you lose a tooth, your jaw begins to deteriorate. Because the jaw has no tooth to support, it begins to atrophy in the area with the missing tooth. You may need bone grafting before our dentist can start the implant process.

Tooth Implant vs. Dental Bridge

Some patients opt to get a dental bridge instead of a dental implant. Dental bridges are cheaper than implants, but they aren’t as good and they don’t last as long. Dental bridges merely sit on the gums, doing nothing for jaw health, while dental implants are embedded in your jaw, providing your bone with the stimulation it needs to remain healthy and strong.

Additionally, our dentist must shave down the teeth adjoining the dental bridge in order to place the appliance securely. Dentists always try to avoid situations in which healthy teeth must be compromised.

Teeth Replacement in Marysville, WA

When patients come to us with a missing tooth, our dentist evaluates them to see if they are good candidates for a tooth implant. Some need treatment before the dental implant can be placed. Once treatment is complete, our dentist can place the titanium post. After the post is implanted, patients must heal for a period of time during which the bone grows solidly over the implant. When this process is complete, our dentist attaches the abutment and the crown.

Our patients are thrilled with the result of their dental implant surgery. They can finally smile with confidence again! Additionally, they can eat whatever they want after they get their tooth implant, because a replacement tooth functions exactly like your natural teeth. It will even match perfectly, so no one will be able to tell.

Call our Marysville, WA, dental clinic today to book a consultation with our dentist about getting a tooth implant.